Last week I travelled back to London with friends after a wedding in the countryside.  After the car journey all of us were in need of refreshment, and it fell to me to suggest somewhere that would suit the littlest member of our party with easy parking nearby.  Luckily one of my favourite cafes fits the bill nicely.

Blend opened a year before before my move further north, so they were already a local institution when I arrived.  It’s easy to see why. It reminds me of my favourite cafes in New Zealand – a relaxed place with great style.  The Scandi-style furniture and lighting are right up my street.



We were still in time for brunch.  Co-owner Steve is vegetarian so there are plenty of non-meat options on the menu.

Two of us opted for the Harringay Local breakfast with the other choosing the veggie fry up.  The Harringay Local usually comes with rye bread but they had run out – sourdough was a great alternative.


I have to say though, the veggie fry up won best breakfast:


My little friend loved it there too.  Blend is very welcoming to children and young people, with plenty of high chairs and some toys to play with.

Coffee is from East London-based Climpson and Sons and is always expertly made. I love the cups too.


It may seem like a noisy place with all of the children but I have been known to find some peaceful space there of an afternoon, taking advantage of the free wifi and delicious cake to fuel myself through some report writing on a working from home day.

Blend has started opening three evenings a week for cocktails, and on Sundays there is an afternoon tea available. They also occasionally host pop up dinners. I’m keen to go along to one of these one day.

See you there, perhaps!

Blend, 587 Green Lanes, Harringay, N8 0RG