I think I mentioned, as well as having a kitchen fitted this week, I am running a half marathon in the weekend.  This caused a slight panic towards the end of last week (as opposed to the “what if it all goes horribly wrong?” panic).  Without a kitchen, what was I going to eat this week?  The idea being I should keep up my usual healthy diet then lighten up on the fibre and add a few more carbs in the couple of days before the race.

I voiced my worries on Twitter, and then @roseandmary followed me.  It was like a sign.  For Rose and Mary are a local outfit selling healthy takeaways – specifically, gluten free and sugar free food, with a bit of a gourmet bent.

They offered me a meal and I gladly accepted*.  I don’t usually eat gluten free but there are plenty of people who can’t eat gluten, and to be honest if you didn’t tell me it was gluten free I wouldn’t have noticed – things like quinoa and lentils are a regular part of my diet anyway.  And the pictures on their website all looked gorgeous!

I got a little bit greedy and ordered aubergine and miso cream, and kale with crab and avocado.  I’m at the outer edge of their delivery area and I know how bad traffic can be – my food took about 40 minutes to arrive which is about what I expected, and the soup was still warm.  It gave me time to get home from a friend’s place where I had placed the order on my phone.  You can order via their iPhone app, on their website, by phone or by going into the shop.  I have an Android phone but their website is so well optimised for mobile it felt like using an app to order anyway.

The next thing to impress me was the packaging – often a source of guilt when I order a takeaway, my food was packaged in cardboard boxes (with no bag or extra packaging), containing plastic tubs which could be recycled or better, re-used.



First up, the cream (soup):


Basically, this was liquidised nasu dengaku. One of my favourite Japanese dishes turned into soup. Attractive it ain’t, but I was always going to like this anyway. Possibly I didn’t need both it AND the next course…


The crab, avocado and kale.  Three of my favourite things, on one plate.  I was a bit worried about plating this up, as it’s styled so beautifully on the website, but I think I did ok! I was also impressed by the serving size – and at £8.90 (including delivery) the very reasonable pricing. Of course, it was delicious. It’s hard to go wrong with those ingredients.

I resolved to eat from Rose and Mary again this week. I have so far failed on that count, but I’ll blame circumstances. I’ll definitely order from them again soon.

They also gave me a code I can share with you if you’d like to make an order: enter SARAH16 and you’ll get £10 off your first order. Take a look at their menu – what would you eat tonight? It’s changing all the time too, with an emphasis on seasonality and sourcing.

Check them out: they deliver to Highgate, Muswell Hill, Crouch End and Stroud Green/Finsbury Park (and South Tottenham as it happens – if you’re in the general vicinity of any of these areas plug your postcode in to the app or website to see if they deliver to you)

Rose and Mary, 177c Priory Road, London



*disclosure: I said if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t write about it.