Today I got home and my kitchen didn’t look much different from yesterday.  The workmen were still here muttering away so I left them to it while writing up Rose and Mary.  It turned out most of what they had done was background work – tidying up the pipe work to make the cabinets fit better.

Busy writing, I didn’t take much notice when they left.  But then when I got ready to dash out myself – to a Streetbank exchange on my way to running group – I took a peek in my kitchen first and suddenly the units were all fitted to the wall and half of the worktop was there.  To see that definitely helped me to relax.


After running today I dragged a couple of the girls out to somewhere I’ve been meaning to go for a long time: Styx Bar.  Located near Tottenham Hale station, Styx is a mostly outdoor space that looks like it’s been cobbled together from pallets.  It had a similar feel to the Pallet Pavilion that used to be in my hometown, Christchurch.


Anyway, on to the food – pizza pushers @lovenpresents are there with their wood fired oven.  It definitely isn’t gluten free – though they do have some gluten free options on the menu.  My pizza, the Zola, had gorgonzola, radicchio and pistachios on it.  What a combination!  I think gorgonzola may be the ultimate comfort food.  Good food, good conversation and beer from local brewers Beavertown – and all after a run.


I came home feeling relaxed for the first time this week.  Maybe I started carb loading a little early for my race, but it was worth it for how I’m feeling now.  I’m determined to get back to Styx soon!  



5 Ashley Road, N17 9LJ