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Tottenham gets a prosecco bar

Prosecco has been the common thread running through my weekend.  On Friday my friend J came for supper and we drank a bottle of fizz that I found in the fridge.  On Saturday P and I checked out Trufflesecco, a new truffle and prosecco bar near Mornington Crescent.  I had noticed it when I was on lunch from a work training course nearby a couple of weeks ago.


P ate risotto and I had fresh tagliatelle.  The risotto, we were warned, would take 20 minutes to make.  Good! we said – that’s how long risotto should take.  Any shorter and you know they’re reheating some made earlier, which is a crime against risotto.  Both dishes came topped with a generous amount of shaved black truffle.  Other menu options included burrata with truffle, cheese and meat boards, and bread.  There was plenty of prosecco to choose from including two by the glass. They were out of Bellini mix but for dessert we had Bellini popsicles.


Yesterday I had to pick up some things at Ikea, and while on the Ikea bus, gazing out the window I saw a sign: SOFT LAUNCH. Out of the corner of my eye I also glimped the word “prosecco”. Could this be true? What kind of place sells prosecco and has a soft launch on Tottenham High Road?

I think I might have a radar for these things. Today, nursing a slight hangover and hungry for a very late lunch I headed out to investigate further. N17! opened three days ago in a former pet shop on Tottenham High Road. Owner Tapiwa is originally from Zimbabwe but moved here at the age of 10 and went to school in Tottenham. He decided to open up on the high street because he wanted to bring more variety to the area – more choice for people. He also mentioned there are plenty of places for men to drink in the area but not so many for women. It’s a stylish place but in a way that you feel right at home there. There was a bit of a Cuban vibe going on and it was great looking out the window at the hustle and bustle of the high street.  I loved all of the pictures and mirrors on the walls.



The bar specialises in prosecco, as mentioned, but also in toasties. This is an inspired move. You can do so much with a toastie. The place is still in the soft launch stage but it’s clear that Tapiwa has done a lot of recipe testing and he’s serious about his toasties. He’s already upgraded his equipment because he wasn’t happy with the results he was getting from his first toastie grills.  He has plans for a suggestion box so you can request your favourite combo (can’t go wrong with a Marmite cheese toastie I say).

Tapiwa said he was about to make himself an “Oi Gordinho” toastie, so I asked him to make me one too. The Oi Gordinho contains ricotta, praline, cinnamon and banana. Amazing. Feeling thirsty on the first hot day this summer, I couldn’t ignore the slushy machines churning away to the side of the bar and ordered myself a naughty ginger beer and dark rum slushy. Yum!  Because of the soft launch the bill came to a wallet-friendly £9.


I’ll be back, and next time I’ll bring friends – who’s with me?


Trufflesecco, 11 Camden High St  NW1 7JE

N17!, 560 High Road N17 9TA

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