Guys, it’s been a while.  I’ve been eating my way around North London so I have things to share.  I was also in Sweden for midsummer, which was amazing.  I have also finished my kitchen, so there will be more posts on that soon.  Oh, and I started a new job.  I’ve never been so busy!

Meanwhile, summer has well and truly arrived here in North London.  Today is set to get up to 33 degrees (I even heard 35 threatened on Radio 4 this morning).

Even in a modern, air conditioned office we are feeling the heat.  The best meals in this kind of weather are those that require no cooking.  With crisp, fresh ingredients and bold flavours.  I was craving smoked trout and managed to find some at M&S – I’ve found fillets at the larger food halls but this was just a packet of hot smoked trout flakes.  I felt like kohlrabi too and so this salad was born.


No recipe for this as you can adjust quantities to suit what you have available.

Use a julienne peeler or sharp knife to turn half a kohlrabi and one apple (I used a Bramley) into thin strips.  Again with the sharp knife or a mandoline if you have one, slice a few radishes into thin slices.  Add some chopped tarragon, dill or chives (I happened to have some tarragon in the fridge) and some thinly sliced spring onions.  Stir the whole lot together with the smoked trout (don’t break the flakes up too much though).

Make a dressing by shaking up some lemon juice, wholegrain mustard, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and stir this into the salad.  The lemon juice should stop the apple from turning brown.

When you come to serve it, layer it up with some watercress or rocket.