The Lord Palmerston is a pub situated between my flat and my friend and running buddy Dave’s.  Despite this, he had never visited in his four years of living in the area, and I had never been either.  

Then one day on twitter, a new account popped up from Eamonn, the new manager there.  I followed the account with interest as Eamonn poured his heart and soul (and no small amount of elbow grease) into improving the pub – check out the pictures of the roof terrace, it looks great. The pub itself is still very much a football pub. Eamonn said a lot of their old regulars left after prices rose, but I can say that those who remain are friendly and the pub had a nice feel to it on a Wednesday evening.

Bottled beer is availble from local favourite Redemption, and as it’s a Greene King pub there’s a selection of their beer including a drinkable pale ale.  Then came the icing on the cake: pizza.

My favourite pizza comes from Loven Presents, a street food pizza outfit formerly located somewhere along the Lea, then relocated to Styx, the theatre/concept bar at Tottenham Hale.  Many’s the time I’ve been there and taken crap photos, and if you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve seen them.  Dave and I were both excited to hear that they deliver, as Styx really is the wrong direction for both of us.  However, they deliver by cargo bike, and have a 1km delivery radius that we live just outside.  HOWEVER, Eamonn has clearly talked them into extending the radius a little further, and Loven Presents pizzas can be obtained at the Lord Palmerston.  Hallelujah.

On Wednesday we went there after running group, and six hungry runners tucked into six different pizzas:


I love that we all chose different pizzas – that’s how varied and interesting the menu is. However, I keep coming back to the Zola. Gorgonzola, radicchio and pistachio nuts – an interesting combination but it really works. The creamy richness of the Gorgonzola is balanced by the bitterness of the radicchio, and who doesn’t love pistachios? It’s pizza that makes me very happy. I can fully believe in the psychoactive properties of blue cheese after eating one.



They really know how to make good pizza – the dough is soft but thin, and look at that blistered crust.

Do check them out – and maybe drop me a line if you’re heading there!

The Lord Palmerston
197 Philip Ln, London N15 4HQ