How are those New Year’s resolutions going, folks?

My blog hosting just renewed, reminding me that one of my resolutions is to get back on the blogging wagon.  I’ve been eating a lot, and taking a lot of pictures, but just wasn’t quite getting around to the blogging part.  I blamed it on technical difficulties for a while, but I have a new computer now.  For a while there my time was also taken up with marathon training.  I ran my first marathon at the start of November.  If you’ve never run one before, you have NO IDEA how much it takes over your life.

So of course I’m in my first week of training for the next marathon now.  THE marathon.  Somehow I managed to land a place in the London Marathon.  It’s like finding the golden ticket.  Then illness struck and derailed my first week of training, but I got it together in time for my first long run today.  I’m feeling so much less fit than I was two weeks ago, but I know it will come back.

The plus side of illness of course, is one of my favourite hobbies, comfort eating. Remember when I wrote about LOVENpresents?  At the time they were based at Tottenham Hale, in the outdoor bar at arts venue Styx.  I also wrote about the time they started delivering to the Lord Palmerston.  Well, it gets better: at the end of 2016, they opened their own restaurant!

LOVENpresents is located in a building on Norman Road N15, close to Seven Sisters station.  I went there on New Year’s Eve with my friend Caroline (who now has my cold. Sorry Caroline). It’s a warehouse type building, and you have to press a buzzer to be let in – it was quite dark outside and it took us a while to find it!

20161231_193720 Inside the place was buzzing. There is a bar at one end serving up a good range of cocktails.  A rather glamorous looking pizza oven sits to the right of the room. 20161231_193716

The textiles were all made by a local company. I want those cushions!

20161231_194814 And then the pizzas. Oh, the pizzas. They have expanded their range from the pizzas they previously served, so there’s a great amount to choose from. Caroline had my favourite Zola: 20161231_195324

Radicchio, Gorgonzola, pistachios.  Such a good combination. I decided to branch out with one of the new pizzas and chose Burrata.


A whole ball of oozy burrata on top of a pizza with tomato, cherry tomato, and rocket. And for only a tenner.

Prices seem to have risen a little with their overheads, but I don’t think I’ve had better pizza than this in London, and now you can eat it inside, from a real plate, with a knife and fork (if you’re weird like me; if you prefer to eat with your hands they do slice the pizzas).

Deliveries will re-start in the next week or so.  This could be very very dangerous. In a completely delicious way.

2 Norman Road
N15 4ND