Originally from New Zealand, I moved to London in 2007 and have always lived on the right side of the river.  I take full credit for bringing the flat white, the long black and the Full Antipodean Breakfast brunch to London (check the dates before arguing with me).

In late 2014 I bought my own little piece of North London and have been gradually making it my own ever since.  I’m currently in the process of turning my kitchen into a space I will hopefully want to spend all of my time.  When not in my kitchen, I love to explore around and about the foodie destinations of North London.  I have a particular passion for small, local food businesses and the stories and people behind them.

Somewhere along the line I completed my MSc in Food Policy which means I’m into nutrition, sustainability and the way the food system works.  Things I’m not into: “clean eating”, paleo, low carb, and other food fads.  I’m a long distance runner and frequently use that as an excuse for CARBS (all of them).  I’m on a perpetual hunt for North London’s best chips.  Beer is also a carb.  Gin is its own food group.

If you think I would like your food/drink/product/venue, by all means get in touch through the form below.  I disclose all comps.  This blog is about celebrating North London food so if I don’t love it, I probably won’t write about it.